When so many things can go wrong, it’s important to have immediate and complete visibility of your surveillance system’s health. There are many possible causes of the failure of a surveillance system that can have a serious negative impact on monitoring service delivery. Some of these include: 

⚠️  Power supply interruption 

⚠️  Internet connectivity interruption 

⚠️  Theft or vandalism

⚠️  Hardware or software failures

When something does go wrong it can be difficult to pick up that there’s a problem or locate the source of the failure. Is the issue a malfunctioning device on the edge of the IP network, or is it possibly a network or software failure? 

  • Time-consuming for administrators to identify the source of the failure
  • Once the problem is identified, where to begin troubleshooting?

DeepAlert’s System Health functionality: cloud-based proactive health and performance monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse of your surveillance system and get notified of any irregularities or changes in a heartbeat. Not only will DeepAlert’s system keep you constantly informed on the health of your surveillance set-up, it will also assist with basic diagnostics to ensure that immediate mitigatory action can be taken in the event of failure. 

DeepAlert AI

The FYI: What you need to know about Deep Alert System Health monitoring 

What does it do? It gives administrators responsible for monitoring the health of their surveillance system a way to view all critical components holistically by means of a single dashboard or visual interface. n. 

  • System Health is displayed at an individual camera level and should any device be tampered with, disconnected or degraded due to software failure, the DeepAlert system will display the status and automatically notify recipients to let them know that specific camera needs attention. 
  • Enable a faster response time by including clients in notifications, where the camera issue may require a physical site visit to rectify.
  • Monitoring managers can keep an eye on the health of all cameras under their control with a dashboard view that can drill down to specific cameras to determine what triggered the “unhealthy” notification, if necessary. 
  • As more clients insist on reported “down-time” in SLAs for cameras monitored and response to compromised cameras or NVRs, this health reporting capability is critical in meeting these SLAs, avoiding penalties and maintaining service delivery. 

Benefits of System Health monitoring with DeepAlert

With DeepAlert System Health, security companies providing an off-site monitoring service will gain the ability to: 

  • Monitor the health of all surveillance system components and receive notification of failures, taking a proactive response to system maintenance rather than a reactive one. 
  • Quickly identify any problem, making use of diagnostic features to start taking corrective steps that will reduce camera downtime. 
  • Easily access vital camera health information remotely from their system health dashboard, with the DeepAlert support team on hand for more involved diagnosis.
  • Trust that all cameras and components are recording and performing as they should be, ensuring that SLAs for downtime are upheld. 

Without real-time health monitoring, any failure of a system component is likely to be discovered only after a requested image, alarm or footage segment proves to be missing because it was never recorded. Avoid these nasty surprises. Take complete control over your entire surveillance service with DeepAlert’s System Health proactive monitoring feature.

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