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Deep Data offers an intelligent CCTV solution which delivers real-time video analytics and timely alerting based on individual preferences. Most importantly it keeps watch while you work, sleep or spend time with family or friends.

Intelligent CCTV
CCTV Camera

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DeepAlert is our intelligent CCTV surveillance and alerting product. A powerful, real-time analytics system based on deep learning which connects to existing CCTV camera streams. It keeps an eye out for you 24/7 and alerts you or your security provider when action is needed.

Keeping an eye out for you when you are not able to. Software that never sleeps.

Video Alerting

Scalable video analytics and alerting system for your business, family and property 24/7.


Add to existing CCTV systems or connect to DVR’s / NVR’s using the RTSP H.264 protocol.

Deploy Locally

Deployed locally or centrally, keeps bandwidth costs down, yet delivering deep learning technology.

Nuisance Alert

Powerful nuisance alert rejection and object recognition, DeepAlert provides high control room efficiency.

Applications are in security, health and safety, production, environmental monitoring, anywhere where you need a system to keep an eye on things for you.

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