DeepAlert Telegram Integration

Aug 2, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Get instant notifications on an alarm wherever you are! Get DeepAlert AI powered video amalytics and have alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone.

While your CCTV monitoring station may be receiving the alerts from DeepAlert’s AI powered video analytics system there’s no reason why you, your client or your guards can’t receive these alerts directly to their phones too! Create a Telegram group and get the important notifications to the right people instantly.

A faster response could mean the difference between life and death! DeepAlert’s AI powered video analytics puts you in control of your safety and security.

Reduce False Alarms

DeepAlert’s sophisticated filtering system reduces false alarms by over 95% so nobody will be bothered by unnecessary notifications, only the ones that really matter!

Works Out Of The Box

Whatever your existing surveillance infrastructure, DeepAlert is able to “bolt-on” and work, “straight out of the box”.

No Long Term Contracts

Charged per camera per month means no long term contracts -very affordable!