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Deep Alert Banner Real-time Alerting for Video Analytics

DeepAlert is a powerful and affordable 24×7 video analytics and alerting system that uses deep learning AI technology with custom models to deliver you peace of mind.


» connects to any standard H.264 video stream (IP cameras or DVR/NVR IP output)
» simple to setup and maintain
» powerful nuisance rejection filtering and object classification
» alerting on 25+ classes of objects / activity
» overall system accuracy improves over time
» arbitrary shaped exclusion zones / regions of interest
» insensitive to camera setup or image quality
» efficient use of bandwidth
» supports all classes of video, from optical through infra-red and thermal, day or night
» supports alerting to web interface or mobile (Telegram Messenger) and integrates with video management systems
» alert to multiple channels (e.g. security provider and end-user)
» system health reporting / alerting
» affordable setup and monthly analytics fee
» no long term lock-in


» intruder detection for home, business, farm
» off-site monitoring » perimeter monitoring
» intelligent CCTV monitoring
» situational awareness (e.g. people entering pool area, staff arrival)
» neighbourhood watch
» residential / commercial
» building / property management and protection
» farm safety and stock theft reduction
» mining safety » production monitoring
» health and safety compliance monitoring (e.g. helmets, boots, safety glasses, high vis gear)
» seatbelt usage, driver on cell phone, extra passenger
» etc.

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DeepAlert is impressively accurate and useful for a wide range of applications. It is also intriguing and appears a little magical in how it works.

DeepAlert keeps an eye on things for you and alerts you (or your security provider) in real-time when there is something interesting / needing attention. Powerful technology is a double edged sword, but deployed wisely, DeepAlert has proved itself in the field since 2015 as a useful assistant.

Far beyond simple motion detection and zone intrusion, DeepAlert offers state of the art detection and discrimination abilities. This ability to sift through the noise and offer alerts tailored to the requirements of the specific installation is the future of surveillance and video analytics in general. Our cloud based infrastructure provides a simple drop in solution that works with almost any modern camera system.

More than just a deep learning platform, DeepAlert is a fully fledged operational solution, from easily installable edge devices with sophisticated rejection filtering, to rich end user interfaces and advanced mining tools.

The system is always learning and building better models, given exceptional benefit to the end users, and providing an excellent continuity incentive. This advanced technology combined with highly affordable, disruptive pricing model is truly potent.


Proven in Real Life

The system has proven itself in real life criminal situations, allowing rapid notification to first responder units, protecting property and lives, has been used for wildlife monitoring with thermal cameras, and works in difficult conditions where even humans struggle.

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