Off-site monitoring made easy

May 10, 2022 | DeepAlert Premium EdgePlus, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Off-site monitoring is a profitable business –
if you structure it properly!

Off-site monitoring is a service in demand! The developments in technology mean cameras can be monitored using “black screen” or event-driven methods. More importantly, with DeepAlert, this technology is now easily available and very cost-effective!

DeepAlert AI False Alarm Filtering Solution 

Start your own off-site monitoring service or upgrade your current operations using the DeepAlert Premium Video Management System with AI false alarm filtering!

Real-time, AI filtered alarms

DeepAlert’s algorithm filters over 90% of the false alarms generated by motion detection, line-crossing, or intruder detection technology. Fewer alarms mean more time to address each alarm and fewer operators required to monitor cameras.

No Hardware - remote deployment

DeepAlert Premium is a cloud based system. Connect cameras remotely – no traveling to sites, no expensive technician time. Simply connect the camera/NVR to the DeepAlert system using the SMTP protocol of camera/NVR.

Simple intuitive interface

DeepAlert’s simple control room interface enables easy operation by operators. No complicated operations mean less training of staff and more efficient monitoring! View, escalate, make notes and resolve alerts. Use live streaming for situational awareness.

Any camera or NVR

Welcome clients with existing surveillance systems – practically any camera or NVR including analog and thermal cameras can be connected to DeepAlert

User based

Configure your operations based on roles and permissions enabling operators to have specific roles. 

Low total cost of ownership

No hardware, less installation time and less operator training means a very low cost of ownership.