Remote Installations

Aug 2, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are serious challenges involved with CCTV monitoring of remote towers – systems need to use minimal power and be bandwidth efficient. The hardware also needs to be small yet rugged to withstand the elements. False alarms caused by foliage and wild animals need to be filtered. The system needs to be operational at all times.

DeepAlert AI powered video analytics is built for the monitoring of remote sites!

Hardware Agnostic

No need to rip and replace existing cameras DeepAlert can connect to any RTSP H264 camera

Simple Setup

Various deployment options to suit your needs. Setup does not require an experienced technician, can be done remotely (once hub connected to Internet)

Cloud Streaming Option

RTSP stream can be streamed directly to DeepAlert cloud negating need for any hardware at all

Small & Rugged Hardware

Fully enclosed hub

Low Power Requirement

Just 6W TDP

Bandwidth Efficient

DeepAlert’s system requires only a few frames per motion trigger to provide accurate object detection

Reduce False Alarms

DeepAlert’s accurate object detection, flexible alert configuration and scheduling means less false alarms.

Live System Health Reports

DeepAlert system will send instant notifications if the system is inoperable or stressed in any way.