Sentinel Integration

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DeepAlert – Advanced detection Ai reduces false alarms and delivers accurate object detection alerts instantly!

DeepAlert’s powerful AI analytics filters out costly false alarms by accurately detecting objects. With over 30 different object classes and multiple granular camera configurations you’ll always be in the know.

Deployment Options

Various deployment options to suit your needs.

Hardware Agnostic

Connects to practically any camera or surveillance system

Safe & Secure Architecture

Secure VPN’s for transmission of data, hosted in Amazon cloud with multiple redundancies and failovers.

Lightning Fast Speeds

Alerts delivered within 5 seconds of event occurring


Priced per camera per month enabling monitoring stations to scale quickly


Trusted by leading Security companies in competitive, challenging industry

Additional Modes Available

Weapon Detection

Protect your community and your space, detect imminent danger

Health & Safety

Real-time alerting of PPE non-compliance