What you need to know about growing your CCTV monitoring business in 2021

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As one of the largest in the world, the private security industry in South Africa is one of the few sectors that will continue to grow despite the economic fallout of the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Private security will become increasingly important to South Africans looking to protect their homes, businesses and other assets as crime stats spike in response to increasing unemployment numbers. 2020 was a year for survival. 2021? It’s the year for business growth.

For companies that base their revenue on CCTV monitoring, providing off-site surveillance and armed response services, the key to growth hasn’t changed – bringing on new clients is still the aim of the game but here, the competition is heating up and businesses can no longer afford to differentiate based on price. In order for CCTV monitoring companies to be successful in expanding their customer base, they need to differentiate themselves based on the post-sales customer experience they deliver.

CCTV monitoring companies need to offer an experience in which it’s:

  • Easy to on-board the customer based on their existing setup
  • Simple to run, monitor and manage for the customer
  • Possible to ensure reliability and quality of service 
  • Cost-effective to add more cameras as needed

Achieving this level of customer experience requires selecting a video management solution (VMS) that is easy to deploy and just as easy to scale. 

Hardware/brand agnostic: This is important because as a security company looking to grow, you’re going to want to be able to connect to your VMS as many different customer systems and cameras as possible.  

Enables growth without massive capital outlay: If you’re currently considering a system that’s server-based, it’s a good idea to scratch that off your list, as these require upfront investments. Opt instead for a cloud-based subscription model that will give you the flexibility to grow incrementally. 

  • Pay a monthly subscription per camera added and charge your clients accordingly.
  • Simply add on more camera subscriptions as necessary without purchasing more hardware. 

For security companies that are weighing up their options when it comes to a new VMS to take their business to the next level, DeepAlert Premium offers a simple, intuitive interface that is scalable, affordable and reliable.  

Your CCTV monitoring operations will benefit from:

Web-based simplicity: 

      • Monitor an unlimited number of sites and cameras
      • Access from anywhere, using any browser

The ability to respond quicker: 

      • Event-based real time alerting system that delivers alerts within 4 seconds.

The ability to respond to real threats:

      • False alarm reduction software eliminates 95% of nuisance alarms

Granular alert configurations and scheduling: 

      • Get specific about what you want to be alerted on
      • Maximise monitoring efficiency and reliability

Actionable Alerts: 

      • Dismiss, escalate and resolve alerts 
      • Customisable standard operating procedures per client

Live camera view: 

      • Enable situational awareness for responders

Live System Health Reports:

      • Instant notification when system is in any way compromised 

Operator Performance Reports:

    • Reports per operator per shift – e.g. total alerts responded to, average response time

Client Reporting:

    • Automated, branded client reports detailing monitoring activities for client

Auditable Event Log Per Event & Per Operator

  • Manage operator performance and engage with clients using reports.


For CCTV monitoring companies that are already committed to a VMS but want to add more functionality to provide better value for customers, DeepAlert Connect makes it possible to reduce false alarms with AI-filtered alerts.

  • Delivered into your existing VMS or AMS, so your business can benefit from DeepAlert’s accurate artificial intelligence object detection system. 
  • Configure alert rules initially in DeepAlert management system and view in VMS.

The benefits of DeepAlert Connect for your CCTV monitoring operations: 

  1. Hardware Agnostic: Connects to any ONVIF-compliant camera
  2. Works out of the box: No scene training required
  3. Reliability: Secure VPNs, Amazon-hosted cloud computing with multiple redundancies and failovers
  4. Customisable:  Granular alert rule configuration and scheduling
  5. Bandwidth efficient: fast data speeds 
  6. Global Analytics Model: Pools lessons from all cameras to improve accuracy. 



Using the right tech to give your business the competitive edge

Success in the security industry will depend on each company’s ability to offer consumers a comprehensive, reliable, affordable service that integrates into the customer’s existing surveillance setup to enable off-site monitoring that is both resource-efficient and cost-effective. 

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