About Us

DeepAlert is a dynamic technology applications company focused on delivering useful, powerful, beneficial services to enhance lives using state of the art computing, AI video analytics and machine learning technologies.

Working in collaboration with strategic partners, we leverage the development and application of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT) and data analytics to affordably solve some of society’s pressing problems in a responsible way.

How was DeepAlert’s AI Video Analytics technology created?

The founders of DeepAlert have been deeply involved in the construction and scientific data processing of the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, a precursor to the world renowned scientific space project the ​SKA or Square Kilometer Array​. We have taken these skills, expertise and tools and applied our minds to solving societal problems particularly improving the safety and well-being of people.

Dr Jasper Horrell heads up the DeepAlert team – he has held senior positions in computing and innovation at SKA SA and has a PhD from the University of Cape Town in Radar Signal Processing. Dr Horrell is now in charge of developing new deep neural network technologies at DeepAlert , which are regarded as some of the most cutting-edge surveillance instruments in the world.

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Our Values

Our values are embedded in our people, our company structures, our products and services. They guide our interactions with colleagues, suppliers, clients and partners.

AI Video Analytics


Focussed, straightforward, direct and engaging

AI Video Analytics


High leverage technologies that benefit people widely

AI Video Analytics


Widely accessible, inclusive and financially appealing to a broad audience

AI Video Analytics


Operating in a considered, respectful and ethical manner
AI Video Analytics


Ability to grow, develop and benefit people widely