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Video Analytics

Teaching Old Cameras New Tricks

Estate security managers are facing a constant dilemma: how do they improve the security of their estates with ever-tightening budgets?

Video Analytics

Thinking & Learning video Management System

DeepAlert’s real-time alerting solution leverages deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology to perform video analytics on a continuous basis.

Video Analytics

Smarter Monitoring With AI

Over the past few years, DeepData has brought artificial intelligence (AI) to the surveillance market.

Video Analytics

Construction Site Surveillance

Construction sites represent an attractive opportunity for thieves to help themselves to equipment and supplies especially during these lock-down times when there is less activity on site.

Video Analytics

False Alarm Reduction

DeepAlert’s system architecture and accurate Artificial Intelligence powered object detection using deep neural technology means a drastic reduction in false alarms – often greater than 95%!

Video Analytics

Remote Installations

There are serious challenges involved with CCTV monitoring of remote towers – systems need to use minimal power and be bandwidth efficient. The hardware also needs to be small yet rugged…

Video Analytics

Sentinel Integration

DeepAlert’s powerful AI analytics filters out costly false alarms by accurately detecting objects. With over 30 different object classes and multiple granular camera configurations you’ll always be in the know.

Video Analytics

DeepAlert Telegram Integration

Get instant notifications on an alarm wherever you are! Get DeepAlert AI powered video analytics and have alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone.

Video Analytics

DeepAlert Works Out Of The Box

DeepAlert’s AI powered video analytics system is simple to set up! No technician needed! The system connects to your existing camera or NVR/DVR and you can view alerts on a web browser or mobile phone!