Quick and efficient scaling in the remote monitoring environment? Frictionless client onboarding that takes place with minimal disruption to business and hardly any technician time? That’s the dream right there.

We’re here to tell you that the dream is within reach, thanks to the new DeepAlert EdgePlus product.

Meet DeepAlert EdgePlus, available NOW.

Add DeepAlert’s powerful false alarm filtering service to your clients’ existing camera systems, without leaving the office. A win for you, your technician and your client!

  • No hardware required
  • Remotely activated and configured
  • Minimal disruption to client
  • Save on technician time and travel costs

The best part? Now even low-end, basic cameras and surveillance systems can deliver intelligent functionality to any off-site monitoring operation! 

It’s a whole new way of connecting to a whole new world of AI video analytics. DeepAlert is known for accurate, fast AI-driven video analytics with a powerful false alarm filtering system that greatly improves monitoring efficiency. 

With DeepAlert EdgePlus, we’re simply giving you a new way to leverage that game-changing technology in your operations, cost-effectively and remotely.

How does it work?

  1. The DeepAlert system receives event triggers from the NVR/DVR/camera using its onboard functionality
  2. The DeepAlert management system generates connection parameters to be configured on the NVR/DVR/Camera, which is as simple as “cut and paste” and the cameras are connected! 
  3. Once connected to the NVR/DVR, the DeepAlert system will automatically allocate the cameras as triggers are received.
  4. Once a camera has been allocated on the DeepAlert system, masking and alerting schedules can be configured.
  5. Image(s) are analysed by our powerful, cloud-based deep neural network to detect humans, vehicles and ignore stationary vehicles in the field of view.
  6. The DeepAlert analyser returns the result to the preconfigured delivery endpoint(s) – either the DeepAlert Premium monitoring interface or 3rd party systems such as Listener, WatchManager, SignalTower, Immix, Patriot and Sentinel.

Long story short? If you know your way around your camera/DVR/NVR interface, you’ll find the connection process simple. 

What does all of this cost?

  • DeepAlert EdgePlus Premium which includes the DeepAlert monitoring interface and DeepAlert EdgePlus Connect which delivers alerts into 3rd party video management and alarm receiving systems are both sold on a SaaS model. 
  • Licences available per camera, per month (or annually) so you can scale incrementally, rapidly and cost-effectively. 
  • Users are unlimited per licence, and there are no setup costs or contract lock-ins.
  • We offer on-boarding assistance (configuring of NVR/DVR/Camera) for 50 cameras or more at NO charge! 

How do you get started?

  • Contact [email protected] to find the best fit for your monitoring operations or,
  • Email Gary at [email protected] to get your account activated and start filtering out false alarms in your monitoring operations today!
Introducing DeepAlert EdgePlus - Security Surveillance at its finest.

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